10/01/2021 - 16:29
  • Added 5 currency per game reward for not using ad blockers
  • Cleaned up, improved the hud
  • Buffed sprint so it regenerates quicker
  • Removed ammo boxes entirely
  • Fixed primary weapons in abilities ui not positioned correctly
09/14/2021 - 17:06
  • Added 3 new pickup weapons: the SMG, Deagle and Grenade Launcher
  • Added 2 new maps: Enclave and Dragon Temple
  • Added survival game mode: work together with other players to fend off waves of enemy bots. Boss fights included!
  • Grenades no longer automatically explode when they get within a certain proximity from enemy players
  • bots only throw grenades at lvl 7+
  • Fixed 1-2 second delay before a player dies and the ragdoll starts
  • Fixed the mouse wheel toggling through weapons too fast
  • Fixed “next game in ...” Text off-center
  • The glide camera - switch to third person - now only happens when you first jump in BR or when you use portals in BR
  • Added a jump animation
  • Fixed the muzzle flash not appearing at the correct location at the end of the barrel
  • Replaced muzzle flash image
  • Revamped AR with a new sound and model
  • Complete new store rotation with 5 completely new skins and 3 new guns
  • Hand Cannon fires around 12% faster
  • Change default weapon to AR
  • Guests can chat again
  • Added Frankfurt region
08/14/2021 - 13:06
  • Fixed falling through the floor
  • Fixed victor name sometimes not showing in BR
  • Added jump landing animation
  • Jumping the ship in BR or using the teleport now switches to third-person perspective. 
  • Added gliding animation for when you jump the ship
  • Fixed t-pose and other random bugs related to the sword swing animation
  • Now showing damage as numbers when someone takes damage from the storm
  • Fixed “you placed 5th, 6th, 7th” etc. text off by one place in BR
07/27/2021 - 15:58
  • Added Battle Royale game mode. The BR game mode will be the default for a short time period. Things included:
    • - Portals
    • - Ability pickups
    • - Tiered weapon loot. Pick up common, rare, epic and legendary tier weapons in Battle Royale. The rarer weapons do more damage, have less spread/bloom and reduced reload times
    • - An enormous new map for Battle Royale called Formation
    • - A mini map and full map
    • Reward for winning a BR is 100e
  • Added swords - all players start with a sword in every game mode that does 18 damage per swing. 
  • The old weapon melee is removed. 
  • Fixed several issues related to the pointer lock.
  • Fixed load screen being removed prematurely.
  • Fixed ev logo not appearing on load screen.
  • Weapon pickups now have lights in all game modes to make them easier to see.
  • Changed bot default level in private games to 1
07/14/2021 - 13:23
  • Added low-LOD models for all default weapons for performance (affect the weapons you see on the map and on enemy players)
  • Added option to load low-LOD models from first-person for default weapons (to enhance performance)
  • Added new, more distinct critics hit sound
  • Added effect for where the bullet hits an object
  • Added idle animation for when players are standing still
  • Fixed invisible square showing when firing gun
  • Fixed muzzle flash not showing from first-person
  • Fixed shadows not working on the guns
  • Fixed gun models appearing randomly on the map
  • Fixed health bars being the wrong color sometimes
  • Fixed scenarios which can cause double purchases
  • Updated longshot icon so it doesn’t take up too much of the screen
  • Performance improvements involving raycasts
  • Crouch teleporting no longer possible to prevent map hacks
  • Performance improvements for when you run the game with uncapped frames
05/27/2021 - 14:12
  • Fixed hit reg (this time for good, hopefully!)
  • Fixed getting random kills and award notifications even though you didn’t kill anyone
  • Fixed player model distorted on game end when the camera pans over to the winner
  • Fixed resolution not changing until refreshing the page
  • Fixed an edge case in which one team might end up with more players/bots
  • Bot difficulty no longer scales when bots get kills/deaths from other bots. Only kills/deaths from humans affect the bot difficulty
  • Parties will now be assigned to the same team if there are spots in the room open
  • Auto-resolution fixed and re-enabled by default
  • Removed non-bot names and added some more bot names
05/25/2021 - 15:55
  • Added bots to the game which will keep lobbies always full and balanced. If a player leaves a lobby, a bot will take that player’s place.
  • Bots appear in public games with a custom bot skin. 
  • Bots in public games will get stronger the more you kill them. The more kills they get, the weaker they get, so their difficulty will correspond to the skill level of the players in the room. 
  • Bots do not affect overall kills, deaths and KD ratio. Killing bots however, does award in-game currency and score. 
  • Rolled back recent changes to hit reg which may have made it worse
05/21/2021 - 12:30
  • FEATURE Join parties with a party code. Your party code will display on the party interface. To join your party, a user clicks “join party” at the top and enters the code. Sometimes, this is easier than sending links. 
  • FEATURE Guests are no longer allowed to chat
  • FEATURE Ads removed for twitch verified users
  • FEATURE Teams are now re-assigned based on individual score. For example, the top 2 players will not be on the same team in the next game
  • FEATURE improvements to team balancing
  • FEATURE playing signature riff on victory
  • FIX problems with coins not earning in certain conditions
  • FIX problems with CP not earning and CP can earn in every game mode name
  • FIX aspect ratio getting messed up with FOV changes
  • FIX Improved/polished the party UI
  • FIX issues related to player spawning on top of each other
  • FIX rendering optimizations for performance
  • FIX scope staying on the screen after you die
  • FIX bonus scores not showing full amount 
  • FIX when you join a game or party via link, the link no longer reverts to “” in the address bar. So you can rejoin on a refresh
05/13/2021 - 15:48
  • FEATURE default primary weapon is now random unless you've selected one
  • FIX teams being imbalanced when parties were involved in team-based game modes
  • FIX Improved hit registration
  • FIX idle kicker not working sometimes
  • FIX edge case in which you saw the next game in 2 minutes when joining at the end game screen in LTS
  • FIX camera following dead players in LTS
  • FIX lowered the round time in LTS to 1:30 instead of 2
  • removed LTS as a default game mode (one you get into on page load)
05/10/2021 - 14:23
  • FEATURE - official client released with uncapped frames. Go here to download the official client for PC, Mac and Linux
  • FEATURE the individual rankings page now sorts by the top score this week. The scores will reset roughly every week. At some time in the future we might have rewards for the top players each week. 
  • FIX special weapons no longer hide when you are out of ammo. You can re-equip them and collect more ammo for them by picking up an ammo box while they are equipped
  • FIX changing your FOV no longer makes your gun look weird 
  • FIX team scores should be more reliable 
  • FIX in LTS the round doesn’t start when no one has joined the game
  • FIX condition in which joining an LTS in-between rounds made the UI glitch out
  • FIX can no longer see clan insignias through flash grenades
  • FIX store UI improvements 
  • FIX clicking the clan icon at the score screen will open in a new window
  • FIX networking problems related to uncap frames and how inputs are handled 
  • FIX HUD now disappears on the score screen at the end of games and rounds (in LTS)
  • You now earn CP in LTS. This in preparation for the clan contest beginning Wednesday
05/04/2021 - 09:45
  • FEATURE Teams are now re-evaluated and re-assigned at the end of each game
  • FEATURE LTS game mode now has double the currency reward as other game modes
  • FEATURE If a player is dead their name will have a strikethrough on the scoreboard
  • FEATURE avatars in the kill feed in team based game modes show as having red or green backgrounds
  • FEATURE In LTS, if a round has less than 30 seconds left, all player positions will be revealed by showing health bars through walls
  • FEATURE Asterisk added to your player name on the scoreboard
  • FIX Healthbars no longer offset strangely when watching other players in LTS
  • FIX In LTS, rounds will not continue if one team wins a majority of the round. e.g. the game ends if one team wins 3 out of 5.
  • FIX Possible fix for the grenades exploding immediately after throwing them
  • Fix player models not animating when zoomed in fully while watching players in LTS
  • FIX victory conditions for round won/loss/draw in LTS incorrect
  • FIX UI tweaks and improvements
  • FIX Custom crosshair button now opens in a new window and links directly to the field
  • FIX Timer no longer resets in LTS to start the next game when a new player joins
  • FIX infinite ammo exploit
04/30/2021 - 09:04
  • FEATURE - new game mode called “Last Team Standing”. Two teams compete in a best of 5 rounds competition. After you die in LTS, you watch your teammates until the round ends.
  • FEATURE - In team games, the current score for each team is taken into account when new players join. If one team is up by over 25%, and has a combined score over 1500, the player will join the team with the lower score.
  • FEATURE - You can now earn 10e by watching a short video ad at the end of each game. Click “Watch Ad” to claim your free currency on the end-game screen
  • FEATURE - You can now upload a custom crosshair via settings menu.
  • FEATURE - New option in settings to set the gun invisible while you are aiming down the sights.
  • FEATURE - New options in settings to set the zoom level (FOV) on each gun. 
  • FEATURE - clan icons in the scoreboard now link to the clan homepage
  • FEATURE - added info link ingame to all info pages
  • FEATURE - added clan rankings button on profile screen
  • FEATURE - can now spectate after joining after you die
  • FIX - now only mines (not rockets, grenades) should explode when you die
  • FIX - party bonus no longer shows up when you are not in a party
  • FIX - final score screen not showing if you die just before the round ends
  • FIX - non-deployed clan members accruing clan points
  • FIX - in-game sound no longer plays while you are at the initial page load panning over the map
  • FIX - Removed the ability for extra primary ammo
  • FIX - scoreboard not accurate when you first enter
  • FIX - Max idle timeout doubled
04/19/2021 - 22:27
  • clan system now activated
  • clan insignias now shown in-game and on the scoreboard
  • get 1 clan point for killing guests, 2 for registered users, 3 for enemy clan members
  • no longer hear walking and jumping sound in spectator mode
  • fixed scoreboard hiding if you die when the round ends
  • fixed the muzzle flash frozen on the screen when you die
  • fixed the invisible player models
04/15/2021 - 16:41
  • Rendering optimizations to player model and effects, for better performance when there are more people in the room
  • Trip mine overhaul - trip mines have longer wires and give an electric shock effect.
  • Added smaller sound fall off distance for mines so they don’t beep from half-way across the map
  • Fixed some glitches related to joining and respawning
  • Fixed region names getting camel-cased
  • Now showing the current team scores when you press tab
  • Fixed player models zooming to their spawn locations after death
  • Death camera changes: the death came now turns to the enemy that killed you and slowly pans over to them. Instead of first looking at your death rag doll.
  • Fixed players twitching at game end
  • Fixed the kill feed taking up too much space on the screen
  • You can now view any players profile page by clicking their name on the scoreboard
  • Removed immutable abilities hotkey on X
  • New fancy connecting screen
  • New AR and Hand Cannon fire sound
  • Fix for randomly entering the menu
  • Fix grenade taking too long to explode
  • HUD now hides entirely during the death camera
  • Added 20 new servers in NYC and 10 new in SanFran
03/30/2021 - 16:39
  • netcode overhaul which should result in a smoother and less buggy experience for everyone, as well as vast improvements to hit registry. If this improves your experience, let us know in the discord
  • primary weapons now have infinite ammo
  • ammo pickups now add ammo to your currently equipped weapon if it is a pickup weapon (e.g. sniper, rocket launcher, shotgun)
  • chat box now shows in the menu not just the HUD
  • now get an achievement and bonus score for killing someone after you die
  • teammates mines and trips will no longer trigger
  • now get a message if firing at teammates
  • fixed smoke grenades not exploding 
  • fixed verified twitch icon out of place
  • added back in the heatseeking rocket launcher with related bugs fixed
03/25/2021 - 13:06
  • fixed the dreaded controls locking issue
  • ui improvements to end-game screen so stuff is easier to read and doesn't get cut off on smaller screens
  • landmine now has a 1.5 sec delay before arming
03/18/2021 - 15:09
  • showing red triangle of enemies not in LOS for 2 seconds instead of showing health bars and player names for 5 seconds after firing
  • replaced the headshot sound with something that doesn't sound like a discord notification
  • fixed chat sometimes going outside window if words are too long
  • reduced sound falloff distance from 80 to 60
  • the standard grenade has less of a delay before exploding
  • fixed the scoreboard not sorting correctly
  • all player names are white regardless of role. No longer showing the weird unicode characters based on rating which people didn't understand
03/17/2021 - 15:03

Warning: your player settings will be reset. Sorry about that! We needed to do this to fix some corrupted user player settings.

  • grenades respawn twice as fast
  • your healthbar will momentarily show for ALL players after firing, regardless of wether you are inside line of sight
  • landmine and trip mine now arm instantly 
  • grenades no longer bounce off players
  • increased base movement speed by ~20%
  • standard grenades no longer explode until they’ve landed on the ground for a set time. In other words, they won’t explode in the air
  • trip mine trip laser now terminates near the end of the blast radius
  • changed the explode graphic on grenades to one that’s radial so it more accurately reflects the blast radius
  • added profanity filter
  • now showing the total # of kills for each team in team DM
  • can now hear different sounds for getting headshots vs. body shots
  • achievements for getting sticky, mine and trip kills
  • fixed issues with the spectator button
  • new AR sound
  • you can now see teammate bars through walls
  • profile thumbnails now shown in scoreboard
  • sound falloff distance increased so you hear stuff from further away
  • “Rank” now called “Rating” so people aren’t confused
  • fixed scoreboard stuck to the top in firefox
  • fixed game crash caused by chat
  • last chat messages now appear permanently in the HUD
03/10/2021 - 12:00
  • added 3 new grenades: proximity mines, trip mines and sticky grenades. You can shoot these grenades to make them explode. 
  • you can now purchase weapon skins from the store and equip them in your profile. A hand cannon, auto rifle and laser rifle skin are now available in the store
  • you can now pick 1 utility grenade (choose from 2) and 2 damage grenades (choose from 4) at the abilities screen
  • default game mode (when you first load page) is randomly either deathmatch or team deathmatch instead of always deathmatch
  • fixed some issues related to rotating into the next game from spectator mode
  • spectator sees everyone’s health bars at all times
  • fixed sounds repeating at the end of a game
  • moved the you vs. them boxes off to the right and made them smaller
  • removed “invincible for … ” text because it blocks things on the screen
  • fixed an error caused by someone leaving just before killing someone
  • fixed teleport animation playing when a player throws a grenade
  • camera no longer continues to zoom out after following your killer. It will stop after a max distance. 
  • melee now cancels reloading
  • removed white particle effect from teleport
  • increased volume distance fallout for shoot sounds and added back in random pitch for shoot sounds
  • store rotation date now updating
  • initial page load time much faster
  • fixed FPS showing “infinity” at the end-game screen
  • Remove redundant ammo count in to the left in the hud and made right ammo counts larger and more legible 
02/22/2021 - 11:10
  • fixed not seeing enemy bullets
  • performance improvements
  • camera pans to the enemy at the end game screen
  • fixed dmg numbers stuck at game end
  • increased end game screen time from 10 to 15 sec
02/18/2021 - 17:11
  • added spectator mode. Note that you cannot join a game as a player after joining as a spectator and vice versa. Access spectator mode by hitting the “spectate” button at the main menu when you first load the page
  • you now see the game taking place during the camera pan over the map before joining a game (i.e. you are in a soft observer mode)
  • you can now respawn with space bar
  • added some protection against hackers
  • added a timer at the store to show when the next cosmetics will be swapped out
  • default player abilities now has the hand grenade
  • weapon swaying no longer doubles in speed when your FPS doubles
02/15/2021 - 09:33
  • invincibility on respawn 3 sec instead of 5
  • now need to click a button to respawn so you can't be harvested and killed repeatedly when AFK
  • players spawn on top of each other less frequently
  • showing correct player count on load screen
  • when you create a private game with custom game options, you'll see the settings on the load screen when you start the game
02/11/2021 - 17:56
  • fixed a lot of black screens by optimizing map loading 
  • you can now specify custom game parameters when creating private games including round length, gravity, damage multiplier, timescale and max players 
  • fixed bug which caused you to have a loaded gun in a scenario in which your gun should be empty
  • fixed ragdoll not working often 
  • fixed a bug which allowed you to crouch into certain areas of the map and jump up into areas you shouldn’t have access to 
  • fixed double and triple kill not working
  • added a bunch of multi-kill and killing spree achievement events 
  • rank should no longer show an empty [ ] and rank display tweaks
  • fixed the weapon pickup effect
  • Make chat more legible on the end game screen and improvements to chat history legibility
02/05/2021 - 07:05
  • you can now create and join parties by sharing a link. When in a party, everyone goes into whichever game the leader of the party goes into. For example, if the leader joins a public deathmatch, all party members will join the deathmatch. Parties in team deathmatch will be on the same team. Earn 20% extra coins for being in a party. 
  • you now have 5 seconds of invincibility when you first spawn. If you fire a weapon, you are no longer invincible. 
  • fixed some issues which caused the client to freeze/stutter in the middle of a game
  • rank is calculated a bit differently. You must have over 100 games to achieve a rank greater than 10.
  • changed the default secondary grenade from flash to smoke
  • up to 7 players spawns will be random instead of the mathematically furthest spawn from all players. This to combat the effect of players finding it difficult to find each other on larger maps. 
  • players no longer are removed from the scoreboard if they leave at the end game screen
  • added twitter button
  • reduced flashbang duration
  • smoke grenades now stick to surfaces
  • improvements to rag doll deaths when dying from shotgun and explosives and general ragdoll improvements
  • shotgun damage now shows as a single number instead of a dozen numbers
  • you now see ranks in-game in the score table. in addition to your numeric rank you can achieve the following unicode characters which display next to your name:
    • Rank 5 - 1 star
    • Rank 10 - 2 stars
    • Rank 15 - 3 stars
    • Rank 20 - 1 diamond
    • Rank 25 - 2 diamonds
    • Rank 30 - 3 diamonds
    • Rank 50 or greater - skull with crossbones
  • fixed a bug which caused people to not die if they lost exactly 100 health due to a rounding error
  • rockets no longer collide with their owner in the first 1 second after firing
  • fixed various bugs related to hit reg, like the healthbar not updating immediately
  • homing rocket can no longer lock on to teammates
  • coin balance at end game screen shows difference of newly added coins
  • tweaks to how the grenade rotates when thrown
  • the you vs. them kill count boxes is a lot smaller so it doesn't block the screen
  • your lifetime score will now update and show in your profile and on the rankings page
  • rewards panel at end-game screen no longer shows in private games
  • added an invert y-axis option
  • Fixed freezing temporarily when searching for a new public game or creating a private game room.
  • you can now achieve certain roles which alter the color of your name in-game and your name on the scoreboard. To see a list of roles and descriptions go here:
  • added a new map called "Rook"
01/28/2021 - 11:12
  • fixed loading into a map where the collision was all wrong and you sometimes spawned outside
  • fixed audio sounding drowned out by reverting to stereo sound
  • teleport cooldown is now longer
  • time to next game now 10 instead of 15


01/27/2021 - 09:01
  • instantaneous hit registration and client prediction on hitscan weaponry implemented
  • overhauled teleport rank 2 and 3. You now get 2 teleports at rank 2 and 3 at rank 3. You can teleport, for example, 3 times in quick succession at rank 3. 
  • fixed issue which causes gun to stutter back and fourth while sprinting or ADS-ing
  • removed warning to leave page
  • fixed seeing damage text appear multiple times or inconsistently 
01/26/2021 - 10:34
  • higher sprint tiers now increase your max sprint speed
  • added twitch integration - you will now see the top 4 streamers for in the upper left. Feed updates after every game end. 
  • bumped up default sensitivity again
  • added register/login button at the end game screen for guests
  • changed the height of the killing floor from -100 to -30
  • players no longer flashed when dead or not joined yet
  • lower heal sound volume at higher distance
  • fixed screen flashing in a weird way when getting hit while being flashed
  • disallow ADS while reloading
  • fixed killing spree text
  • larger hitboxes for heatseeking launcher lock on detection
  • coin balances now update in all UI when you earn more coins (instead of just on refresh)
  • now showing your new coin balance at the end game screen
01/24/2021 - 07:45
  • at the end of a game, clients now auto search for games if you are in a public game with less than 4 players, to prevent players getting stuck in dead or low pop lobbies
  • added new heatseeking rocket launcher model which is more visually distinct from the normal rocket launcher model and takes up less of the screen
  • kill messages now appear on the screen longer
  • fixed you vs. them display appearing on the screen much longer than it should have
  • tweaks to auto-rifle sound
  • changing FPS on timer so it doesn't rapidly change in the ui if the FPS is rapidly changing
01/22/2021 - 16:56
  • fixed the latest version of chrome from crashing due to the glitch effect on the "click to play text"
  • small audio fixes
01/22/2021 - 08:55
  • increased players per room from 8 to 10
  • hand cannon fires 20% faster
  • new auto rifle sound
  • improvements to 3D audio
  • bumped up default sensitivity 
  • reload sound now stops playing when the reloading gets cancelled. Also small reload bar fix.
  • fixed some invalid html on the game page 
01/21/2021 - 10:09
  • All coins now half price.
  • Fixed 3d positional audio. still might sound washed out but the positional aspect should be working 
  • Small Tweaks to the load screen.
01/20/2021 - 15:55
  • Fixed the screen resolution not sizing up resulting in jagged/grainy graphics if you load the window small and increase the size (e.g. go from windowed to full screen)
01/20/2021 - 12:16
  • Fixed game not working when in incognito mode (or browsers with strict security setting) playing from an iframe
  • Fixes for 3d audio
01/20/2021 - 11:22
  • Added 3d positional audio
01/20/2021 - 07:47
  • fixed load screen showing incorrect map name/image & load screen improvements on smaller screens
  • when you kill the highest score player, get the "Usurper" achievement which gives you a bonus score
01/19/2021 - 22:18
  • fixed issue which caused players to frequently end up in empty or half-full rooms
  • revamped load screen to show you the map you are about to load on, tip, game mode and max players
  • health bars now hidden inside smoke
  • added extra score for killing person with highest score
  • you now get an alert if you are kicked for idling
  • idling kick time changed from 60 to 100 seconds
01/16/2021 - 14:12
  • fixed being able to tab out of the end game screen
  • fixed not being able to change skins on the first reload after making a purchase in the store
  • sprint starts out faster
  • increased idle kicker from 30 seconds to 60
  • sensitivity settings now go 10x higher
  • round limit changed from 5 min to 4
  • fixed K/D not calculating correctly on scoreboard
  • fixed improperly centered text on "next game in ..." screen
  • removed "sliding" effect
  • hide enemy health bars when player is blind from flash