Submitted by Forgeable on Wed, 01/26/2022 - 10:59
  • Added some additional security measures related to accounts
  • Closed some exploits related to equipping weapon skins
  • Fixed infinite connect screen when you get into a dead server
  • Fixed gun “snapping” after shooting
  • Improvements to healthbar size and display
  • Made usernames rendered above player models a bit smaller
  • Impulse is now a default grenade instead of smoke (hotkey changed to E)
  • Added back respawn timer. Was originally 5, then 0, now is set to 3
  • Fixed some player model animation display issues
  • Shooting while sprinting now disabled
  • Added a separate animation for sprinting vs. normal running
  • Bot changes: weakened aim, sprint and jump more at lower levels, and other difficulty adjustments
  • Disabled FOV multiplier on third-person view since it made things looked stretched
  • Moved camera further back from the player and higher up on third-person view
  • Sprinting is slightly slower