Submitted by Forgeable on Tue, 07/05/2022 - 11:38
  • You can now covert your hard-earned e to SOL! Go into the profile screen, hit the convert button, select the amount you want to covert, and the SOL will show up in your wallet! You must have at least 1000e to convert and can only convert once per week.
  • Capture the flag mode added. The first team to capture 5 flags, wins. Player who carry the flag can do melee but have limited movement abilities (e.g. no impulse grenades).
  • Sliding activates with the crouch button when you have enough speed, reduces the size of your hitbox, and gives you a short burst of a movement speed increase
  • You can now create your own ev.io maps! Read our documentation here. Coming soon: Submit your maps to play them locally against bots. Maps which are approved will be playable via a “community maps” filter in the private games interface.
  • The player collision box is now the same while crouching as it is while standing. This will eliminate most known map hacks. The crouch hitbox for bullets (which is different than the one used for collision) is unaffected.
  • Fixed a tournament pre-game room interface ui display issue
  • Fixed the grenade throw indicator stuck on the screen after you die with it activated
  • Mayhem mode is now available for private games
  • Fixed the e counter for all games automatically resetting on the second game
  • Added a setting to use teleport with one click instead of 2
  • Some UI improvements, i.e. increased font size for legibility in some areas
  • For private games, when you select a game mode, the create game interface will only show the maps available for that game mode. e.g. Formation is the only map you can play BR on.
  • If you attempt to set a hotkey that is already bound, you’ll now receive a message, letting you know the key which has that key set.
  • Bot movement changes reverted from the previous release
  • When you connect a wallet, syncing your game assets from the blockchain now happens much quicker
  • Last Team Standing is no longer a public game mode (only available in private games)