Submitted by Forgeable on Fri, 01/20/2023 - 13:07
  • The Fractal event is over and deathmatch earn is re-enabled
  • Survival earn is restored to its original earn rate, with the gameplay changes (stronger waves, health pack + shield) enacted for the Fractal event
  • Improved the hit box for both crouch and slide
  • Crouch is back to being instant
  • The earn tab at the end-game screen now shows more data, including a breakdown of earnings for each NFT, and displays the amount till you are capped, as well as the next cap reset time
  • The performance tab at the end-game screen shows more data
  • Weapons which are not actually equipped will no longer have a checkmark in front of them at the profile screen
  • Implemented a possible fix for false positives on hit registration
  • Fixed bugs related to Fractal wallet