Submitted by Forgeable on Wed, 07/14/2021 - 13:23
  • Added low-LOD models for all default weapons for performance (affect the weapons you see on the map and on enemy players)
  • Added option to load low-LOD models from first-person for default weapons (to enhance performance)
  • Added new, more distinct critics hit sound
  • Added effect for where the bullet hits an object
  • Added idle animation for when players are standing still
  • Fixed invisible square showing when firing gun
  • Fixed muzzle flash not showing from first-person
  • Fixed shadows not working on the guns
  • Fixed gun models appearing randomly on the map
  • Fixed health bars being the wrong color sometimes
  • Fixed scenarios which can cause double purchases
  • Updated longshot icon so it doesn’t take up too much of the screen
  • Performance improvements involving raycasts
  • Crouch teleporting no longer possible to prevent map hacks
  • Performance improvements for when you run the game with uncapped frames