Submitted by Forgeable on Thu, 05/19/2022 - 15:23
  • You can now equip character and weapon skin NFTs! Simply click on the “profile” tab in the main menu and connect a wallet with ev.io NFTs in it. After connecting you will see the skins appear below. Click a skin to equip.
  • Earning e is now only possible if you have an NFT equipped either as a character skin or weapon (equip both for double earnings). The amount of e earned now is a tiny, completely arbitrary amount not based on our formula. We just wanted players to be able to start earning now (even if it is a small amount). All e will convert to Solana for players with NFTs.
  • You can now dance by typing “/dance” in the chat!
  • You can change your primary weapon without needing to die
  • Updated translations: added Hindi and Turkish
  • You can now set your volume to 0 (instead of min 1)