Submitted by Forgeable on Thu, 12/22/2022 - 23:54
  • Fixed sound not working on mobile
  • Added a new map called “Vestige”
  • Pumpkin Head NFTs, as well as any special edition NFTs with the earn property set to 1 in the meta data, will now earn.
  • You now hear an error sound when you try to teleport before the cooldown is up
  • Fixed the player model look up/down animation
  • Fixed the chat not working in the pre-game room in tourney mode
  • Assists now show on the scoreboard in DM, TDM and other game modes
  • Shooting a player while crouched or sliding will now properly register headshots
  • Fixed the hitbox on crouch so it more closely matches the player model
  • Made some adjustments to the standing/running hitbox so it more closely matches the player model
  • The end-game scoreboard now shows a tab for in-game performance which tallies all your bonuses
  • The end-game scoreboard now shows a tab for earnings which tallies earnings for each NFT equipped and other earn-related data
  • Fixed bug which caused you to be stuck and unable to reload at a certain number of bullets
  • Fixed importing another players settings sometimes causing the game to not work
  • Suiciding in TDM now removes one kill from the scoreboard
  • When a player uses a map teleporter, the game only plays the unique map teleporter sound and no longer makes the ability teleport sound to avoid confusion
  • Fixed the game freezing when another player uses teleport (even if the cooldown is not up)
  • Rocket projectile now accelerates over time