Submitted by Forgeable on Wed, 11/24/2021 - 14:45
  • added impulse grenades. throw them at the ground to launch yourself in the air. throw them at enemies to send them flying
  • combined survival and zombie survival game mode - some rounds spawn zombies, others humans and others, a combo of both.
  • Added special waves to survival mode. There are 5 possible special waves: all rockets, all grenade launchers, all teleport, all smoke, all flash. Some of those can only happen at higher wave levels.
  • added a weekly best survival score
  • added a small shadow under the player model so it is easier to see on light terrain
  • invincible effect no longer shows from first person
  • fixed zombies running sideways
  • bots are stronger in BR (level 3)
  • player names are more visible over light terrain with a black stroke
  • time between rounds on DM and Team DM increased by 5 sec
  • fixed the healthbars showing a white bar in front
  • made clan insignia smaller
  • bots no longer have burst rifles
  • can no longer get clan points in survival
  • fixed map load screen display and scaling issues
  • added a 5 sec countdown timer to respawn
  • fixed game glitching each time you enter/exit the menu