Submitted by Forgeable on Fri, 05/21/2021 - 12:30
  • FEATURE Join parties with a party code. Your party code will display on the party interface. To join your party, a user clicks “join party” at the top and enters the code. Sometimes, this is easier than sending links. 
  • FEATURE Guests are no longer allowed to chat
  • FEATURE Ads removed for twitch verified users
  • FEATURE Teams are now re-assigned based on individual score. For example, the top 2 players will not be on the same team in the next game
  • FEATURE improvements to team balancing
  • FEATURE playing ev.io signature riff on victory
  • FIX problems with coins not earning in certain conditions
  • FIX problems with CP not earning and CP can earn in every game mode name
  • FIX aspect ratio getting messed up with FOV changes
  • FIX Improved/polished the party UI
  • FIX issues related to player spawning on top of each other
  • FIX rendering optimizations for performance
  • FIX scope staying on the screen after you die
  • FIX bonus scores not showing full amount 
  • FIX when you join a game or party via link, the link no longer reverts to “ev.io” in the address bar. So you can rejoin on a refresh