Submitted by Forgeable on Thu, 04/15/2021 - 16:41
  • Rendering optimizations to player model and effects, for better performance when there are more people in the room
  • Trip mine overhaul - trip mines have longer wires and give an electric shock effect.
  • Added smaller sound fall off distance for mines so they don’t beep from half-way across the map
  • Fixed some glitches related to joining and respawning
  • Fixed region names getting camel-cased
  • Now showing the current team scores when you press tab
  • Fixed player models zooming to their spawn locations after death
  • Death camera changes: the death came now turns to the enemy that killed you and slowly pans over to them. Instead of first looking at your death rag doll.
  • Fixed players twitching at game end
  • Fixed the kill feed taking up too much space on the screen
  • You can now view any players profile page by clicking their name on the scoreboard
  • Removed immutable abilities hotkey on X
  • New fancy connecting screen
  • New AR and Hand Cannon fire sound
  • Fix for randomly entering the menu
  • Fix grenade taking too long to explode
  • HUD now hides entirely during the death camera
  • Added 20 new servers in NYC and 10 new in SanFran