Submitted by Forgeable on Mon, 05/10/2021 - 14:23
  • FEATURE - official client released with uncapped frames. Go here to download the official client for PC, Mac and Linux https://ev.io/official-client
  • FEATURE the individual rankings page now sorts by the top score this week. The scores will reset roughly every week. At some time in the future we might have rewards for the top players each week. 
  • FIX special weapons no longer hide when you are out of ammo. You can re-equip them and collect more ammo for them by picking up an ammo box while they are equipped
  • FIX changing your FOV no longer makes your gun look weird 
  • FIX team scores should be more reliable 
  • FIX in LTS the round doesn’t start when no one has joined the game
  • FIX condition in which joining an LTS in-between rounds made the UI glitch out
  • FIX can no longer see clan insignias through flash grenades
  • FIX store UI improvements 
  • FIX clicking the clan icon at the score screen will open in a new window
  • FIX networking problems related to uncap frames and how inputs are handled 
  • FIX HUD now disappears on the score screen at the end of games and rounds (in LTS)
  • You now earn CP in LTS. This in preparation for the clan contest beginning Wednesday