Submitted by Forgeable on Sun, 10/17/2021 - 20:38
  • New game mode: zombie survival. Fight endless hordes of bot zombies. They don’t have guns but don’t let them touch you!
  • Added a new primary weapon: the burst rifle. the burst rifle can kill in a single trigger pull if you are able to connect all bullets as headshots. the burst rifle has high upward recoil.
  • Added a new map called Automaton, available for all game modes (except BR)
  • Spooky Halloween effects enabled, including lightning, new home screen music, in-game sound effects, dimmer-lit maps, and a pumpkin head skin for guests. The guest pumpkin head skin will be available for purchase in the store along with other halloween skins
  • Throw grenades further. the timer for the explosion now begins after a grenade hits a wall or floor instead of the moment you throw them
  • Hit boxes size reduced so they more accurately overlap the model dimensions
  • Increased base sprint stamina cost
  • Fixed twitch widget not updating (expired token)
  • Shotgun now has a hand pump reload animation 
  • Trip mines no longer trigger on the person who threw them
  • Auto resolution no longer forced but is a default
  • Bosses in survival no longer regenerate health
  • Weapons you pick up in survival game modes now have double the amount of ammo