Submitted by Forgeable on Tue, 09/14/2021 - 17:06
  • Added 3 new pickup weapons: the SMG, Deagle and Grenade Launcher
  • Added 2 new maps: Enclave and Dragon Temple
  • Added survival game mode: work together with other players to fend off waves of enemy bots. Boss fights included!
  • Grenades no longer automatically explode when they get within a certain proximity from enemy players
  • bots only throw grenades at lvl 7+
  • Fixed 1-2 second delay before a player dies and the ragdoll starts
  • Fixed the mouse wheel toggling through weapons too fast
  • Fixed “next game in ...” Text off-center
  • The glide camera - switch to third person - now only happens when you first jump in BR or when you use portals in BR
  • Added a jump animation
  • Fixed the muzzle flash not appearing at the correct location at the end of the barrel
  • Replaced muzzle flash image
  • Revamped AR with a new sound and model
  • Complete new store rotation with 5 completely new skins and 3 new guns
  • Hand Cannon fires around 12% faster
  • Change default weapon to AR
  • Guests can chat again
  • Added Frankfurt region