Submitted by Forgeable on Thu, 10/28/2021 - 15:10
  • You can now experience ev.io from third person in Survival game modes! To access this feature, go into your settings and check “Enable 3rd person perspective on available game modes”. 
  • Overhauled healthbar/name rendering so they are more performant and follow the player better
  • Players that leave the game early will still have their stats recorded
  • Flash no longer flashes yourself and the flash effect stays on the screen for less time
  • Fixed reload indicators not always showing
  • Added a player setting to disabled showing achievement notifications
  • You now see your best time in survival game modes if you are logged in
  • Improvements to the jump animation
  • Fixed adblocker message showing even when you don’t have adblocker
  • Fixed the twitch badge not showing up after the first game
  • # of wins for Battle Royale is now being recorded and shown in your profile as well as here https://ev.io/br-rankings
  • Teleport now regenerates 20% faster on all tiers
  • Netcode changes to improve server performance
  • Halloween effects aren’t so loud and frequent (removed halloween song as well)
  • Fixed idle animation