Submitted by Forgeable on Fri, 04/30/2021 - 09:04
  • FEATURE - new game mode called “Last Team Standing”. Two teams compete in a best of 5 rounds competition. After you die in LTS, you watch your teammates until the round ends.
  • FEATURE - In team games, the current score for each team is taken into account when new players join. If one team is up by over 25%, and has a combined score over 1500, the player will join the team with the lower score.
  • FEATURE - You can now earn 10e by watching a short video ad at the end of each game. Click “Watch Ad” to claim your free currency on the end-game screen
  • FEATURE - You can now upload a custom crosshair via settings menu.
  • FEATURE - New option in settings to set the gun invisible while you are aiming down the sights.
  • FEATURE - New options in settings to set the zoom level (FOV) on each gun. 
  • FEATURE - clan icons in the scoreboard now link to the clan homepage
  • FEATURE - added info link ingame to all info pages https://ev.io/info
  • FEATURE - added clan rankings button on profile screen
  • FEATURE - can now spectate after joining after you die
  • FIX - now only mines (not rockets, grenades) should explode when you die
  • FIX - party bonus no longer shows up when you are not in a party
  • FIX - final score screen not showing if you die just before the round ends
  • FIX - non-deployed clan members accruing clan points
  • FIX - in-game sound no longer plays while you are at the initial page load panning over the map
  • FIX - Removed the ability for extra primary ammo
  • FIX - scoreboard not accurate when you first enter
  • FIX - Max idle timeout doubled