Submitted by Forgeable on Thu, 03/31/2022 - 13:35
  • Hut 8 is here! Get 100 kills to acquire the hut 8 skin. The Hut 8 skin has special powers: it improves the chance of finding whitelist tokens by 20% for each skin. The effect stacks for each player in the room with a hut 8 skin.
  • Reduced mouse latency on high end setups
  • Reworked game mode menu so that it doesn’t prevent you from joining the game mode you are already in.
  • Update/improved existing translations and added new ones
  • Fixed the clan logo bleeding into player name
  • Possible fix for sounds playing super load at the start of the game
  • Possible fix for sounds repeatedly playing at the end of a game or just before dying
  • Bots will join in LTS if every player from one team leaves
  • Fixed sprint/jump not working before the timer in survival
  • Bot count now accurate for private games. e.g. zero bots is zero bots. 1 bot is 1 bot, etc
  • Added sword kill achievement
  • Bosses that spawn in should teleport back if they fall off the map