Submitted by Forgeable on Tue, 12/21/2021 - 13:53
  • Added the social tab - you can now add/remove friends and chat with them in-game
  • Bots move around more
  • Switched game font from orbitron to arial for readability and performance
  • Fixed the scoreboard layout breaking and improved appearance
  • Improvements to camera distance and angle on third-person mode
  • Fixed bots odd behavior in BR (not moving towards the center)
  • Showing bots level on the scoreboard
  • Fixed the camera going to the center of the map first when you hit spectate
  • Styling and ui improvements
  • Bots are level 3 in BR (wasn’t applied properly in previous release)
  • Fixed “respawn in ...” text showing up when it wasn’t supposed to
  • 3rd person perspective now available in all game modes. might disable this later if it gives people an advantage but so far I don’t think it gives an advantage
  • Disabled the fog in BR. might re-enable if it causes performance problems
  • Fixed smoke grenade not hiding healthbars