Submitted by Forgeable on Wed, 03/17/2021 - 15:03

Warning: your player settings will be reset. Sorry about that! We needed to do this to fix some corrupted user player settings.

  • grenades respawn twice as fast
  • your healthbar will momentarily show for ALL players after firing, regardless of wether you are inside line of sight
  • landmine and trip mine now arm instantly 
  • grenades no longer bounce off players
  • increased base movement speed by ~20%
  • standard grenades no longer explode until they’ve landed on the ground for a set time. In other words, they won’t explode in the air
  • trip mine trip laser now terminates near the end of the blast radius
  • changed the explode graphic on grenades to one that’s radial so it more accurately reflects the blast radius
  • added profanity filter
  • now showing the total # of kills for each team in team DM
  • can now hear different sounds for getting headshots vs. body shots
  • achievements for getting sticky, mine and trip kills
  • fixed issues with the spectator button
  • new AR sound
  • you can now see teammate bars through walls
  • profile thumbnails now shown in scoreboard
  • sound falloff distance increased so you hear stuff from further away
  • “Rank” now called “Rating” so people aren’t confused
  • fixed scoreboard stuck to the top in firefox
  • fixed game crash caused by chat
  • last chat messages now appear permanently in the HUD