Submitted by Forgeable on Fri, 06/03/2022 - 10:40
  • Added a panel in the hud to view the current earnings for the game you are in as well as cumulative earnings for all games during that play session. The panel only shows if you have an NFT equipped. Disable/enable the panel in game settings.
  • Added a new game mode called Mayhem. In mayhem, there are 14 players per room, infinite sprint, infinite ammo, infinite jump and greatly reduced ability cooldowns. Respawning in Mayhem will place you in the air above the map (glide down to where you want to go). Mayhem will take place on a new large-scale map called Baron. 
  • Added a button so you can always change wallets
  • Added Thai translation
  • The menu should no longer close automatically when a new game beings
  • Some styling and ui improvements to the profile area + wallet connect