Submitted by Forgeable on Tue, 01/17/2023 - 12:36
  • Survival: health no longer regenerates in survival but you will find health and armor packs on the map
  • Survival: every 10 waves, your earn rate DOUBLES (goes up incrementally with each wave e.g. at wave 5 you earn 50%+)
  • Survival: waves are harder with stronger zombies
  • Survival: doubled the resurrect time
  • Fractal event: whitelist tokens will start to drop at wave 10
  • Fractal event: whitelist drop chance increases with each wave past 10, doubling at wave 30 and maxing out at 3x (wave 90)
  • Fractal event: equipping a Hut 8 1st edition character NFT (or non-NFT skin) will increase your chance to see whitelist tokens by 10% per player in the room with the skin. e.g. with 4 Hut 8 skins, your chances of seeing whitelist token is 40% greater
  • Crouch is no longer instant