Submitted by Forgeable on Tue, 05/04/2021 - 09:45
  • FEATURE Teams are now re-evaluated and re-assigned at the end of each game
  • FEATURE LTS game mode now has double the currency reward as other game modes
  • FEATURE If a player is dead their name will have a strikethrough on the scoreboard
  • FEATURE avatars in the kill feed in team based game modes show as having red or green backgrounds
  • FEATURE In LTS, if a round has less than 30 seconds left, all player positions will be revealed by showing health bars through walls
  • FEATURE Asterisk added to your player name on the scoreboard
  • FIX Healthbars no longer offset strangely when watching other players in LTS
  • FIX In LTS, rounds will not continue if one team wins a majority of the round. e.g. the game ends if one team wins 3 out of 5.
  • FIX Possible fix for the grenades exploding immediately after throwing them
  • Fix player models not animating when zoomed in fully while watching players in LTS
  • FIX victory conditions for round won/loss/draw in LTS incorrect
  • FIX UI tweaks and improvements
  • FIX Custom crosshair button now opens in a new window and links directly to the field
  • FIX Timer no longer resets in LTS to start the next game when a new player joins
  • FIX infinite ammo exploit