ev.io clan FAQ

The clan system in ev.io is designed to allow players to work together towards shared interests and goals. Clans compete for points which determines their placement on the clan leaderboard which allows them to earn rewards.  

Not all clans need to be competitive. You may wish to make a clan with members that play just for fun. In any case, being a member of a clan allows you to show off your custom clan insignia, which displays in-game above your head and on the scoreboard (open with TAB). 

How do I make a clan?

To make a clan, you must be logged in with a registered account. Once you are logged in, you can click this link to submit a clan. Once you have completed the form, an admin will review your submission.

What do I need to create a clan?

The most challenging part of getting a clan approved is designing a custom insignia which will appear next to your name in-game once your clan is approved. The insignia must adhere to our guidelines. In summary, it must be a flat icon on a transparent background in PNG format (that can work on top of a dark background) with the dimension of 110 x 110. More details are laid out on the clan submission form


example of a clan insignia for ev.io

Example of an ev.io clan insignia

If you have difficulty making an insignia, you can ask for help in the official ev.io discord. Ari (one of the mods) controls the approval process. We may offer default insignias in the future for clans that don't have the resources to make one. 

Other information you need to submit when creating a clan

  • The name of your clan
  • (Optional) a clan motto
  • (Optional) link to your official discord
  • URL alias - where your clan homepage will be. example: ev.io/example-clan

How long does it take for my clan to be approved? 

It may take up to 24 hours for your clan to be approved. Once approved, your clan will be considered active, and will appear on the clan leaderboard. Clans which are approved will be able to earn clan points. The clan points are used to evaluate the winners of weekly contests.

Clans that are not approved will still be able to invite members, assign roles, and do pretty much everything approved clans can. The main difference is that unapproved clans will not have their insignia shown in-game, will not appear on the leaderboard and will not be able to participate in the weekly contest. 

How will I know when my clan is approved?

If your clan is approved you will no longer see the message "Clan not yet approved" at the top of your clan homepage. You will also see your clan appear on the leaderboard

What are the rewards for being in a clan?

Generally, the clan with the highest amount of points at the end of each week will get the biggest rewards. There may be rewards for runner-ups. The rewards for the week, as well as the date the contest will end, will be posted on the contests page. They are also normally announced on Twitter. These rewards will usually be exclusive cosmetics. 

How are clan points earned?

Deployed members of clans can earn points in one of 3 ways

  • Killing guests awards 1 point
  • Killing registered users awards 2 points
  • Killing other clan members awards 3 points

How do I add people to my clan?

Add people to a clan by sending an invitation. You need to be a Commander to invite people to the clan (more information on the Commander role below). 

To send an invitation, click on the "invitations" tab from your clan home page. From there you can enter in the username of the clan member you want to invite. The user can then choose to accept the invitation by going to their account page while logged in, adding "/invitations" to the end of the address and going to that address. For example: https://ev.io/user/5216/invitations. Replace 5216 with your user ID, which you can get by going to ev.io/user while already logged in. 

Is there a limit to how many people can be in a clan?

There is no limit to the number of people that can be in a clan. However, there is a limit to the number of clan members that are "deployed" at any given time. The current deployed limit is 20. Only deployed members can earn points for the clan. 

The limit set on deployed members (i.e. members that can earn points) is intended to prevent clan competition from being a simple contest of the # of members in the clan. In other words, a clan with 200 members will always beat a clan with only 20 members in points. Thus there is a maximum of 20 members in each clan that can be "deployed" to earn points. 

Another purpose of the deployment system is to prevent burnout. An effectively managed clan can rotate members in and out of deployment, and still compete in the leaderboards without forcing each members to play 24/7. 

What are the roles in a clan?

The current clan roles in ev.io are as follows:

  • Commander - This role is automatically assigned to the creator of the clan but can be changed by the commander. With the commander role, you can do everything: invite members, assign roles, remove members, edit clan info, deploy members, view all invitations, delete the clan, etc. 
  • Lieutenant - This role can edit the clan info and deploy members so give it only to the most trusted clan members. Outside of those two things, there is nothing else a lieutenant can do more than a normal member. 
  • Recruit - This role has no special privileges. It is not automatically assigned when joining a clan. So it's up to the Commander (the only member with the ability to assign roles), wether it is assigned to new members (which start in the clan not having any role). 

There is no limit to the number of members in a clan that can have a role, nor is there a minimum. For example, you could have 3 Lieutenants or none at all. Everyone can be a commander, should you wish it. 

How do I deploy clan members?

Only the Commander and Lieutenants have the ability to deploy members. There is a maximum of 20 deployed clan members. Deploy members by clicking the "edit" tab from the clan home page (you must be logged in to see the edit tab).

Once deployed, members can start earning points. Only deployed members will see their custom clan insignias in-game.